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Q2/2023 invoices for unemployment insurance contributions sent

NEWS 26.7.2023 10.00

Q2/2023 invoices for unemployment insurance contributions have now been sent. The Employment Fund determines the unemployment insurance premium to be paid four times a year in accordance with Section 21 of the Act on the Financing of Unemployment Benefits. Invoicing takes place in April (Q1), July (Q2), October (Q3) and January (Q4).

The employer and the employee are both liable for payments. Unemployment insurance contributions are paid on the basis of the salary information submitted in the Incomes Register. The employer pays the contributions of both parties to the Employment Fund in accordance with the annual payment percentages. The employer must always deduct unemployment insurance contributions from the salaries paid to employees who are liable to make such contributions, even if their annual payroll sum does not exceed EUR 1,400. Should this be the case, the employer retains the deducted sum.

As an employer you can check your billing information in our online service. You’ll find decisions and invoices under Contributions and Decisions. You can access our online service by using your personal bank IDs, mobile ID or certificate card. 

The online service is also a secure way to communicate with our customer service.