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Q4/2022 invoices for unemployment insurance contributions sent

NEWS 30.1.2023 15.00

Q4/2022 invoices regarding unemployment insurance contributions have now been sent. The invoices concern earnings reports submitted in the Incomes Register for the period of 1 October - 31 December 2022.

Copies of the invoices and the decisions as well as data transmitted from the Incomes Register are available at our online service. Identification takes place by using your personal bank IDs, mobile ID or certificate card.

You can authorize the management of unemployment insurance contribution issues to accountancies or another person, for example. Authorizations take place on suomi.fi site, where you choose the mandate “Maintaining information on unemployment insurance contributions”, under Work and Unemployment.

Should you notice any errors in earnings payment reports submitted to the Incomes Register, correct them forthwith. As a rule, corrections will be taken into account in the subsequent billing period.