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Employment history calculator for the scholarship for qualified employee

The employment history calculator for the scholarship for qualified employee enables you to calculate how much employment history you have based on the income you have earned from paid work from 2007 onwards. You are eligible for a scholarship for qualified employee if you have worked for at least five years.

The calculation is an approximate estimate based on the information provided by the user and is not binding on the Employment Fund. If the employment history indicated by the calculator is slightly less or slightly more than the required five years, we recommend for you to send us an application for a precise calculation of your employment history.

Read more about the criteria for granting a scholarship for qualified employee.

Instructions for using the calculator

  • You will need your pension record to use the calculator. You can download your pension record from the Finnish Centre for Pensions website if necessary.
  • Select a year on the calculator. Enter your pay for the year If you have only had one employment relationship during the year, your payroll sum will be shown directly on your pension record. If you have had more than one employer, add together your earnings from each employer. and press Calculate.
  • Press Add an earning year and repeat as above for each year.
  • When you have entered information for every applicable year, press See the result.
  • The employment history for the year of completing a vocational qualification is calculated up to the qualification completion date. Enter the date shown on your qualification certificate and the wages paid to you up to that date in the calculator. See the last pay slip that you received before finishing your qualification to check your total annual wage or salary.
Page updated: 28/2/2019