The Government's proposal to end adult education allowance has been submitted to the Parliament and we have updated the site News concerning the adult education allowance for example with information concerning  studies that begin in the autumn of 2024.

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Instructions for submitting employee information

If you do not have online banking details, a mobile ID or a certificate to use the Suomi.fi authentication service, you can send us the information via encrypted email.

  1. To access Employment Fund’s encrypted email connection, go to: https://secure.tyollisyysrahasto.fi/

  2. Insert lisaselvitykset@tyollisyysrahasto.fi in the To: field.

  3. In the Subject field, insert ”Ensihakemus - työnantajan osuus” (Initial application – employer contribution)

  4. Copy the below text to the text field and add the details of the employee applying for adult education allowance.

  5. When you have added all the details, send the message.

Text to copy and details to add:

  • Employee details
    • Personal identity code
    • First names of the employee
    • Last name of the employee
    • Company information
    • Company name
    • Business ID

  • Information about the employment relationship
    • Start date of the employment relationship
    • Weekly working hours before the start of studies (hours per week)
    • Any previous employment relationships with the same employer
    • The employment or public-service employment contract is (e.g. valid until further notice, fixed-term until ____/____20___)
    • Employee's pension scheme (e.g. Employees Pensions Act, Seafarers Pensions Act, Public Sector Pensions Act, other)

  • Study leave
    • Has the employee been granted study leave or part-time employment due to studies?
      • Yes, between ____/_____20___ and ____/______20___
      • Yes, between ____/_____20___ and ____/______20___
      • The employee has not been granted study leave or part-time employment due to studies

  • Salaries and wages
    The Employment Fund uses the Incomes Register to check income information. The Fund will request access to the income information at the latest when the application is being processed.
    • In the past 12 months and before the start of any periods of study leave or part-time work, has the employee had part-paid periods of work due to family leave, illness, studies, unemployment, layoffs, job alternation leave, part-time pension or partial invalidity?
      • Yes
      • No

  • Employer contact person
    • Name
    • Telephone number
    • Email address

Reporting payroll information for employees who have had unpaid periods of absence or part-paid periods of work in the past 12 months

We calculate the amount of allowance based on wages and salaries paid over a period of 12 months before submitting the application or the start of the allowance period. If the employee has had part-paid or unpaid periods of work due to family leave, illness, studies, unemployment, layoffs, job alternation leave, part-time pension or partial invalidity before the start of any study leave or part-time employment due to study leave in the past 12 months, the pay reference period must be extended by the periods of absences to achieve 12 months of normal pay. Payroll information should not include wage income for part-paid periods.

If, for the above reasons, the applicant has unpaid absences or part-paid periods of work, please submit a salary certificate in addition to the employer contribution. The salary certificate must include the total earnings paid for the pay period and the share of any holiday pay or holiday compensations. The salary certificate must also include the dates and reasons for absences or part-paid periods.

The application for adult education allowance was received in October, so the last day of the pay period is 30 September 2020 and wages and salaries for 12 months should be reported for the period from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020.

The applicant has been on unpaid sick leave from 1 March to 31 March 2020 and their February pay was paid on 15 March 2020. The pay period (12 months) is therefore extended by one month due to unpaid sick leave, in which case wages and salaries are reported for a period of 13 months so that the wage income paid during the unpaid absence is also included in the salary certificate.

Page updated: 13/11/2020