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Reporting and online services

Report any paid wages and salaries to the Incomes Register. The Employment Fund will receive information concerning unemployment insurance contributions from the Incomes Register. Earnings payment reports must be submitted to the Incomes Register as a rule within five days of the earnings having been paid. For up-to-date information about the Incomes Register and instructions of how to report earnings, go to the Incomes Register website.

Information entered in the Incomes Register

Earnings payment reports are made of all employees and each earnings day separately without any minimum amounts in euros. Also any wage paid to a minor must be entered in the Incomes Register. Persons older than 65 or under 18 do not have an obligation to pay unemployment insurance contributions. Earnings must be reported to the Incomes Register using an exceptional insurance type. You must select "No insurance obligation, unemployment insurance" as the exceptional insurance type.

  • Always report earnings with unemployment insurance contribution as required if the employee's unemployment insurance contribution must be withheld from the earnings (18-64-year-old employees to which Yel or Myel insurance does not apply). Employers are still obliged to pay the unemployment insurance contribution if they pay an employee more than 1500 euros in a calendar year.
  • Remember to include any co-owner information (as additional information indicating the type of employee). Read about the co-owner criteria.
  • We also recommend that you report other voluntary, supplementary information, such as employment relationship. Read more about types of income affecting the obligation to pay unemployment insurance contributions.

If you cannot find an answer in the instructions, our customer service will be happy to help you with questions about types of income and unemployment insurance contributions.

The Incomes Register customer service will give more details about reporting to the Incomes Register and help with any technical questions.

Online service

You can do the following in our online service:

  • communicate securely with the Fund
  • update your contact and invoicing details
  • report or update your bank account number
  • view wage sums reported in 2013–2018
  • correct wage sum reports for 2013–2018
  • apply for training compensation if you are entitled to such as an employer
  • view the grounds and decisions concerning payments
  • view, with a one-day delay, pay details subject to unemployment insurance contribution reported to the Incomes Register
  • view calculated unemployment insurance contributions

Identification takes place through Suomi.fi using your personal bank IDs, mobile ID or certificate card.


As an employer, you can authorise another person or company to take care of your unemployment insurance contribution matters on your behalf. You can also request to be authorised or to act on behalf on some other person or company. Companies, associations and private persons manage the authorisations through  Suomi.fi service.

The party authorising another party in Suomi.fi must always select a role that enables them to maintain unemployment insurance contribution data, so that the party that has been authorised can view the service details and send both reports and applications. The role for maintaining unemployment insurance contribution data is found under Work and unemployment.

However, the following form an exception in that they still use authorisation services in the Katso service: municipalities, parishes, educational institutions, business partnerships, foreign companies, death estates, foundations not included in the Trade Register, and persons authorised to sign for a public authority. Go to Katso identifiers and related authorisations.

More help: https://www.tyollisyysrahasto.fi/en/news/authorisation-to-online-service-for-unemployment-insurance-contributions/



You can also send us paper forms but the fastest and most secure way is to use our online service.

With Wage sum report form you can report actualized wages sums in the year 2018 or the sums before that.

As of 2019, declarations will be done in the Incomes Register.

You can also send us the application for training compensation with the form below.

The forms can be sent free of charge to:
Tunnus 5017569
00003 Vastauslähetys

Customer service

We will be happy to help you with any questions about unemployment insurance contributions. Customer service is available by phone on 075 757 0500 or by email at asiakaspalvelut@tyollisyysrahasto. Use a secure connection when sending any confidential information.

We have a call-back service for your convenience.

The Employment Fund will not charge for customer service phone calls. You only pay the standard phone call prices charged by your operator:

  • local call charge when phoning from a fixed network
  • mobile call charge when phoning from a mobile phone
  • international call charge when phoning from abroad.

The Employment Fund will pay for any extra cost from using te 075 number. If you have a call package deal, check your operator whether number beginning with 075 are included.

In order to ensure service provision and improve customer service quality, we record all our incoming calls; please see the telephone service file description in Data protection -page (only in Finnish for now).

Description of records for the TYVI interface

The Employment Fund accepts electronic reports from payroll software. Reports are received via TYVI operators and the ilmoitin.fi service.

The link below provides a description of records to show the structure of records accepted by the Employment Fund’s TYVI operators (including the ilmoitin.fi service).

The wage sum report record is used to declare the wage sums paid during the insurance year to employees and part-owners. The report must be submitted by the end of January after the insurance year has ended. Wage sum reports can be made for the years 2013–2018.

Training compensation can be applied for in conjunction with the wage sum report until 2018, or it can be applied for using a separate notification. The training compensation application record must only be used as part of the wage sum report record when the employer is applying for training compensation. Companies falling within the scope of the Business Tax Act or the Agricultural Income Tax Act are not generally entitled to training compensation. Such companies may apply for a training deduction from the Finnish Tax Administration.

For more information regarding the content of reports, contact vakuutusmaksut@tyollisyysrahasto. For questions regarding technical and testing-related questions, contact tiedon.valitys@tyollisyysrahasto.


Page updated: 7/2/2020